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Solar energy

KwaZulu Natal

NuRa is a quality-driven solar energy service provider in Northern KwaZulu Natal based
on the rural electrification program of the department of energy (DOE).
Our team delivers tailor- made solar services based on your needs and demands.
This varies from custom system design, engineering, applications, installation,
and ongoing Solar PV system maintenance for both residential and commercial.

Residential & Commercial

Solar energy benefits

Products | Services

NuRa has different Energy Stores
that provide electrical-based products:
chargers, globes, adapters and batteries.

The stores are educationally-based
on (solar) energy providing.

Quality-driven, Tailor-made solar services

On your needs and demands.

Our Mission

To be a reliable Energy Services Provider
by supplying solar energy in both
rural and developing areas.

We aim to provide high qualitative service
to all our clients. The service we give is
based on sustainable standards and for
future reference.

We empower businesses
and houses to run off the power of the sun.