This installed system is a 30KvA/3-Phase off-grid system. The system consists of 3x 48V/10KvA Victron Energy Quattro inverter/charger. The inverter unit converts the DC voltage from the battery to AC voltage used by standard 230V appliances. The inverter/chargers are configured into a 3-phase set up working in conjunction to produce the 3 phases with one acting as master and the other 2 as slave.

There is also a 10KvA Fronius PV inverter which uses solar to provide for the loads during the day with any excess going to help the battery to charge. The system has a solar array which consists of 30 x Jinko 545Wp solar panels which produce an average of 68KWh of energy per day.

20 of the panels are connected to 2 x 250V/100A Victron Energy Smart MPPT solar chargers via a DC combiner box which charge the battery and the remaining 10 are connected to the Fronius inverter which supplies the loads completely during the day with any excess going to the battery. At night the loads are powered by a 48V 40/32 Freedom Won lithium-ion battery.

The system also has a Cerbo GX remote monitoring unit installed which when connected to a internet connection allows the system to be monitored and controlled remotely by installers and the client via the Victron Energy VRM application.

The entire system has conveniently been installed in a shipping container on the client’s property. There is a generator connected to the inverter as a last resort to power the loads on days when there is not enough solar to supply the loads and charge the battery.

The Victron Energy equipment has a manufactory warranty of 5 years, the Freedom Won battery has a manufactory warranty of 10 years and the Jinko solar panels have a manufactory warranty of 12 years.

In summary:

  • Off-grid
  • three phase system
  • 3 X 48V/10KvA Quattro inverters-Victron Energy
  • 30 x 545Wp solar panels- Jinko solar
  • 250/100 MPPTs- Victron Energy
  • 10KvA PV inverter-Fronius
  • 1 x 48V 40/32 Freedom Won lithium battery