Shell approached NuRa Energy with its good reputation in the Rural Electrification Programs in 2021 in regard to a community solar project (Access to Energy A2E) that they want to start up in the Ingwavuma area Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Shell was looking at a Tier 4 Solar Home System to install for the community in the year 2022.

It turned out that the area (Sihlangwini) was already electrified as part of the electrification plans of the Jozini Municipality.

Shell moved the project to the Estcourt Municipality; to Frere (50 systems) and Weenen (150 systems).

Their aim was to install systems in area’s were there was no electricity. The Municipality welcomed the project and in December 2021 the project was handed over to the Estcourt Municipality.

NuRa supplied Shell with a quote for 200 x Tier4 systems as requested. The Tier 4 system we offered was developed with KES (Rolf Niemand) our colleague company from 1999.

NuRa was awarded the contract at the end of 2021; Installation of 200 Tier 4 Solar Home Systems in Estcourt Areas such as Frere and Weenen.


What is a Tier 4 Solar Home System?

Tier 4 (Multi-Tier system from the World bank) is a Solar Home System that is delivering Alternating Current (AC) with an inverting capacity of max 1600 W and an energy use of 4 kWh per day on average. It is able to run Fridge’s, TV’s, computers, (indoor, outdoor) lights, cell phone charging)