Still wonder if switching over to solar is a good idea?

Here are 5 reasons why switching to Solar will be a life changer for your home, business or farm/lodge.

Get Independent from the Grid

With electricity price hikes on the cards and load reduction being implemented, more people are thinking about gaining independence from the national grid with alternative energy sources, like solar, to power their lives. 

Saves Money, Lowers Electricity Bills!

When you rely solely on the power grid, you are at the mercy of the current price of energy. It can rise or fall unpredictably. And you’ll always have to pay it… unless you have solar panels

A Solar System WILL Increase Your Home Value

Having solar panels on your property increases its value. So, even if you don’t live in one place long enough to fully recoup your investment through energy savings, you can likely get more from selling your home if you have solar panels!

Saving The Earth

By going solar you are now a superhero in your own little way, how? You may ask

Global warming is now a very big problem for mother earth.

The use of solar energy is friendly to our eco-system, reduces the consumption of natural raw materials which are normally used to generate electricity, reducing the exploration and use of these raw materials which leads to success in reducing the number of harmful substances into the environment.

Solar energy is clean; it has no adverse effect on mother earth as it only requires little water to perform its function.

 Performance Guarantees

Your solar system or backup system is custom designed for your specifications. The orientation of the roof, sun exposure, tilt, and many other variables go into the design process.  The exact same solar system or backup system on another home would not produce the same amount of energy. When the design is complete, we are able to predict how many kilowatt hours (kWh) your system will produce. A performance guarantee is the installer’s promise that this design is accurate.  It guarantees that all relevant factors were taken into account during the design process – that all variables were accounted for.