Know The Differences

In order for us to give you an estimate for a solar system specifically to your needs, we will need to do the following: Site Visit, Energy Calculation and System Design to ensure the best solar system for your home, business or farm/lodge.

 What is an on-grid / grid-tied system?

on-grid / grid-tied systems are connected to the national grid. when your electricity use is more than what your solar panels produce, the national grid supplements your energy production so you don’t lose power. AN on-grid / grid – tied SYSTEM CONSIstS OF THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS: SOLAR PANELS, CHARGE CONTROLLER AND INVERTERS.

What is a Back Up System?

Backup systems are Solar Ready meaning that you can upgrade to a full off grid system by simply adding solar PV panels and solar charge controller at any time without having to replace any components to your existing system. Such system consist of the following: inverter and battery. 

What is an off-grid System?

off-grid systems permit electricity to be harnessed by solar panels and stored inside a battery without direct connection to the national grid, providing an independent power supply to your home, business or farm/lodge. An off-grid system consists of the following components: Solar panels, charge controllers, a battery and inverters.